5 Keys To Loving Myself

True only becomes manifest in my life when I come to appreciate that, is really the expression of the Divine within manifesting himself in me. All comes from within; there are no external sources of . That which appears to come from another is only a reflection of what is already within, for we are really but a projector; projecting the movie of the subconscious unto the screen of the conscious universe.

7 Magical Reasons Why Love Is The Greatest Gift. How To Know If You Possess It?

Ever dreamt of giving a gift which the recipient would gladly receive and eternally appreciate, irregardless of their cultural experience, ethnic origin or religious classification?

One that the babe, teen, middle aged and old all eternally desire. A gift you could give whether you are rich or poor, intimately acquainted with or totally unfamiliar to the one whose heart you seek to bring ight to?

Is Marriage A Control Mechanism?

Is the Devil Destroying Marriages? In a conversation, I had one day in a restaurant, with a ly elderly, Adventist lady she stated: “My main concern is the fact that the devil is attacking marriages.” To which I responded. “I beg to differ.” She, in shock, said: “You do?” I replied: …

Could You Be Ignorantly Worshiping ‘Amen Ra’ the Egyptian Pagan God?

The word Amen which is used by Christians, Jews and Muslims originated from ancient Egypt. The Egyptian deity, who was the primary deity was known as Amen Ra. The word ‘Amen’ means hidden or concealed, that which is invisible; while the word ‘Ra’ means light or fire, so Amen Ra is the ‘hidden one’ revealed by the light or fire. The word A·men can also be pronounced A·mon, Am·mon, Amon and Amun (ämn) since the vowel is interchangeable.