African Arise

African Arise

African Arise!

I don’t speak to your ear, Oh African!
I don’t speak to your soul,
No! I speak to your Spirit.
I speak to that being lying dormant, asleep, comatose, deep within.
That spirit buried and left for dead, afraid to awaken,
Buried by the mis-truths and illusions of others,
Slaughtered, because of their fear of the power of that which resides within a dark melanated showcase.

I Speak To Your Spirit

Its Mystical, Magical, Spiritual Power that transported you to realms not yet discovered. The
And became the seed of all the spiritual knowledge,
Taught to the masses and the chosen few even till this day.

I Speak To Your Spirit

Its Creative Power that produced great art and architecture,
And instruments of music and healing unsurpassed.

I Speak To Your Spirit

Manifesting in Physical strength drawn from that magical union of the sun and the earth.

I Speak To Your Spirit

Its Intellectual power, which was the source of the great pyramids
That which enabled you to rule over the greatest civilization this earth has ever known.

Yes, It’s Mind power that created the world’s first universities,
To which the peoples of the earth traversed from far and wide,
So that they can by its rich intellectual nuggets be nourished and sustained.
It is through you oh African, that they came to discover the knowledge of architecture and medicine and philosophy and science.

Yes You, I Speak To You!

Shy, intimidated, shimmering in the corner,
Pathetically begging permission to exist.
Oh angry one, Stop!

Do not despise, oh African the cloth you came to the planet bedecked in.
You who try to be like another, because you have been made to feel ashamed
When you behold your ebony attire.
Forgetting that you once were clothed in royal robes,
Kings and Queens who strode majestically upon the earth,

Yes you that the whole world bowed before.
It is to your Majestic, Rich, Proud, Independent, Liberated, Industrious, Creative Spirit that I speak

To you oh African I say Arise!
Listen to the voice within.
Let the spirit of the ancestors speak to you,
For they desire to express themselves majestically through you.

Arise, Oh Mighty African Arise!

Copyright 2016 Ainsworth Forgenie

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