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#Walking Gods

black who are like walking godsAs we sat engaging in, what was otherwise casual conversation, my Rastafarian friend shared with me a story that would forever change my life. After that unfolding I would never think the same way again. Certainly not about black people and who they really are in this sphere. Do they, as well as others, have the ability to be walking gods. Honestly, I do not remember the nature of the discussion. What I do recall is this story which was told to me, obviously in response to something I must have said or asked.


This is what he shared with me: “

“This African was a prisoner trapped in the penal system in my home country, Trinidad. According to the law, he was here illegally. As a result of our poor judicial system, the case kept being deferred for many years. Having reached the limit of his patience, he decided he had had enough, it was time for him to return home. He subsequently went on a three day fast. At the end of that fast he drew a boat on the wall and was never seen again.

Yes he simply vanished from the prison, the walls, bars and guards being absolutely no hindrance to him.  This was indeed a pivotal moment for me in my spiritual walk. A reshaping of my thought processes as to what is and is not possible. A time to reconsider what I have always believed about the possible and impossible.

The lines were now beginning to get blurred. The boundaries of the real and unreal were now fading into each other. If this was true, does it mean that persons can actually travel without the need of modern transport? Is it possible for the human being to live beyond natural laws? Can they live above time and space dimensions? However, this was only the first of my strange encounters. There were other persons to meet and stories to be revealed. I was somehow being taken to people who had the ability to be walking gods.


That first encounter took place in the suburb of Belmont, in the capital city. The second was to take place on the other side of the island in the southern city of San Fernando. Here I encountered this woman, with whom I had an instant connection. We chatted as though we had known each other for a long time, moving fluidly from one subject to another.

As the discussion progressed I shared with her the story I had been told by my friend. In response she shared with me her story of another black person from Africa who exercised the ability of the walking gods:

Her grandmother had come here at an early age. When she became advanced in age, she began complaining to them that it was time to return home – Africa. They, as a result, became concerned. Thinking, that perhaps, she was experiencing the beginnings of senility.


As a means of protecting her from, what they thought, was the ravages of an aging brain. They decided it would be wise to secure all gates on the premises. This was in an effort to prevent her from walking outside and not having the capacity to return, thereby getting lost.  

Every morning she was in the habit of going outside and paying obeisance to her elders and the orishas, whose resemblance she had gathered in her sacred area. One morning she, having shared something with them (which to this day I cannot remember), went outside to perform her usual devotions.

After a while, it suddenly dawned on them that she had not returned. Rushing outside to investigate, they discovered her slippers. They were right where she would usually stand, but nothing else was left of her. As they continued their frantic search they realized that the gates were still locked.

Inquiring of the neighbors, it soon became quite apparent that no one had seen her walking down the streets. She was never to be seen again.

This is an excerpt from my soon to released  book – BLACKS WHO HAVE THE ABILITY TO BE – #WALKING GODS


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