AIDS – Why We Should Not Fear It

Aids A Major Concern

Mankind has always had an obsession with sex, to the point that for many sex is nothing more that another recreational activity. Something that is of such immense ecstasy, that it is beyond the ability of words to describe. So much so, that some will even pay for the privilege of exploring the secret places of a stranger. Some practice restraint as a result of the fear. The fear of contracting some venereal disease. The most fearful being the AIDS virus. However, contracting AIDS or any other venereal disease should really be the least of our concern. Of far greater concern should the possible contamination of our spirit, which can take place as a result of our reckless indiscretion.

Sex Is First A Spiritual Act Before It Is A Physical Act

We are essentially spiritual beings who reside in a temple called the body. The Spirit therefore, is by far more important to our survival than the body, as  it inevitably determines the condition of the body. Now regarding sex, every time we engage in the act we are becoming one with another being. This is not only on the physical plane, but far more importantly on the spiritual. In the act of sex there is, as it were, an intertwining of the spirits – two becoming one. This is a permanent arrangement. One that binds us to the person for a lifetime. Moving on to another relationship does not separate the intertwined parties. So wherever we go from that moment on, regardless of how long or short the act or relationship was, we are taking that person with us – WE ARE ONE.

The Dangers Of Passion

Spiritual aids

We are eternally connected to everyone we become one with

Now what exactly does this really mean, and why should that even be a bother to us? After all, are we not here to have a good time and explore all that we can do and be?  That is where we err. It is important because not only are our very lives at stake, but most significantly our spiritual health. As a consequence, our ability to fulfill the purpose for which we came to the planet is jeopardized.  When we connect with someone whose spirit is contaminated, then our spirit becomes contaminated as well. We can contract ‘Spiritual AIDS’. It is important to remember: when we become one with that individual, we are also becoming one with every other person that they in turn have been infected by. Thus increasing our changes of contracting spiritual AIDS. So our main concern therefore should not be the HIV virus, but the spiritual AIDS that can destroy both our spirit and our body.

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