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Meet Ainsworth

My short name is Ainsworth Forgenie: I am a lovational Speaker/Teacher; Author; Researcher & Visionary. I had the unforgettable privilege of preaching my first message at the ripe old age of eighteen (18) years. Mere months after my conversion to Christianity. Needless to say it was a message on LOVE.

I have always had this knowing that I was here to share the message of love. In much the same way, that I have always known that I would be a preacher. Less than a year later I was appointed a pastor of a new congregation. It was challenging at times but opened many doors to travel and share.

There are two things that give me the greatest pleasure. They are:

  1. When I discover new knowledge.
  2. The opportunity to share that knowledge with open minds. It is my drug.

My Commitments

I have committed myself to discovering and laying bare the hidden knowledge to the diligent seeker. I am also committed to sharing the message of oneness and unity. It is in unity that our we increase and heal our planet.

I aim to share the spiritual principles that will help you uproot the negative, destructive elements of your past and empower you to overcome your limitations as you reconnect to your authentic self. Guiding you to the path you must travel to manifest your harmonic, divine purpose and destiny through the power of unconditional love.

As a former christian pastor, I now aspire to open the mind, specifically the African mind, to the matrix that has sought to remove from him/her the consciousness of self – the awareness of who he/she really is. As a teacher my goal is to help you in the process of discovering the hidden power within. In order that you may awaken your latent God self. I am also the C.E.O. of W.A.V.E. & The Global Love Institute. .

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