Manifesting Through The Hidden Power Of Amen

Amen Ra the Egyptian DeityIn our previous article we looked at The AMEN which is also pronounced A·mon, Am·mon, Amon or Amun. We discussed the fact that the word which was first used in Egypt, in relation to the Egyptian deity AMEN – RA, means the ‘hidden’ or ‘invisible’ one revealed by his light, fire or sun. We also explained that it is the same as the Sanskrit word Aum, also spelt Oum, or Om. It was revealed that it possesses special magical powers, and has the power to raise our vibrational frequency. Today we want to look at it from a different perspective, and that is AMEN/AUM as the Creative/Manifesting Force or Energy in the Universe.

Discovering The Creative Word

Amen The Creation FrequencyIn the book of Genesis we are see that words are the frequency transmitter that are used to bring forth creation. In every act of creation that is recorded we are told that: ‘God said…”. So from this we can deduce that there was a sound uttered which produced that which manifested. Without that utterance nothing can be created. In the gospel of John 1: 1-3 we are given even more information about that which was uttered. In that gospel we are told that this ‘Word’ which was uttered was not only with God, but it possessed the very power of God. It is God. More importantly though, we learn that it is through this ‘Word’ that all things are created. Without it nothing can be created.

Manifesting Creation

Let us now discover the word which possesses manifesting power. What is the word which is the creative energy behind all creation, and without which nothing can be created?  In the book of Revelation 3:14, we read the following:

  • (New International Version)   These are the words of the AMEN, the faithful and true witness, the ruler of God’s creation.
  • (Knox Bible)  A message to thee from the Truth, the faithful and unerring witness, the source from which God’s creation began:

In the above we notice two things:

  1. The AMEN/AUM is referred to as the ruler of God’s creation.
  2. The AMEN/AUM is the source of all creation.

So if we review what we have just covered, we can conclude that: ‘the Word’, which was with God, was God AND that word which is the only source of all creation, is AMEN/AUM. Through it (AMEN/AUM) all things came into being.  Without it nothing can come into being. The Upanishads, which refers to itself as the secret Vedas, says the AMEN/AUM was the sound that the creation spoke when it was ready to be birthed. However, not only is it the source of creation, it is also the sustainer of creation. 

Amen The Frequency of Creation

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Now it is evident that not only is AUM/AMEN the vibrational frequency that the creator used to manifest that which came into being. AMEN/AUM is also the frequency we must use to manifest what we desire in our life. The Upanishads exhorts us that: he who knows AUM/AMEN has everything he desires both in the seen and unseen realm.

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