Divine Within -5 Ways It is Key To You Manifesting Self Love

#1. All Love Comes From The Divine Within

True love only becomes manifest in my life when I come to appreciate that love is really the expression of the Divine within, manifesting itself in me. 

All love comes from the within. There are no external sources of love. That which appears to come from another, is only a reflection of what is already within. We are in essence nothing but a projector. Projecting the movie of the subconscious, unto the screen of the conscious universe. Because we are operating under the illusion of being separate and apart, we see it as coming from outside of ourselves.

In fact, it is really only a manifestation of the person inside, the Divine within. The one who we have not taken the time to become fully acquainted with, or truly acknowledged. It is impossible for someone to appreciate what does not already exist. The fact that someone else can love you, is proof that the love already existed within you.

#2. I Am The Source

I AM the source of all the love that I have ever, or will ever experience. Pain is a manifestation of the reality that I AM not operating from my center. It is evidence that I am looking for love from outside of myself. Unless and until I get to the point where I become aware that I AM love, I shall continuously be looking outward and upward expecting to receive love, affirmation and acceptance. Instead I shall experience pain, rejection, judgment and disappointment.

#3. Learning Self Acceptance

I must begin to fully embrace who I AM, unconditionally and non judgmentally, I must embrace all that I AM. Fully appreciating that I came to the earth to manifest a particular, unparalleled reality. A reality for which I have been fully equipped. I came to be the expression of love in a way that only I could. I can never be duplicated, nor can I be like anyone else. Our purpose is different.

We are meant to compliment each other, never to be duplicated. Each one of us is a part of the jigsaw puzzle, together completing the whole. Therefore I cannot be judgmental of others, because they were not supposed to be like me. They are also not here to live up to my expectations, for their purpose is different. Like me they are but another dimension of love. I AM a conscious decision, an expression of love – I AM not a mistake. I AM magnificently created to accomplish my earthly purpose. Every part of me, every experience, is all designed to focus and equip me for my destiny.

#4. Embrace Who I Am

I entered the earth with the right skin tone, the perfect hair and body type, in the right location, in the right house with the right people, at the right time. All so that I could fully express all that I was born to be. None of it is a mistake. It is all part of the reality that I shaped, so that I could accomplish the purpose for which I descended to the planet.  Therefore how could I resent that which I created? How could I scorn that which I formed? How could I hate, that which is designed to bring out of me the essence of love?

I must learn to embrace all and accept them fully. I must appreciate that they are all my creations. They are but the manifestations of the Divine within. It is only then that I will be set free by love’s liberating power.

#5. I Cannot Find Love In Others

My mission on the planet, my chief objective is to fully, yet uniquely manifest love. No one can be love quite the way that I AM. No one else is equipped to be love like me. I must fully accept that I AM LOVE. My purpose here is to fully, magically and majestically give expression to Love. I must become aware that I cannot expect to find love by looking to someone outside of myself. No one can give it to me. No one has that much power, for they were not created to be love for me, only I can be that. I must embrace the reality that love only exists through the Divine within. When I do, I can truly declare – I AM Love.

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  1. I am truly inspired by your ability to take even the simplest words and combine them together to create an idea. An idea for the visionary groping the corridors on this path with hopes to feel a notch or impression that reminds me of purpose. Ah, the lights came on as I read your article on “Learning to Love the Divine within”. You see though the layers of this world continued to cover me there is a persistence that reminds me of my purpose. I kept looking at the things I do and have done but not the purpose and you have reminded me in spite of all we do it is to demonstrate love….Divine Love. I fell the layers melting off as I write. With deep gratitude and appreciation I say thank you, for your will to write. I can witness Divine Love in all the words. So true, learning self acceptance in this hour of body changes from having children, aging and making the decision to leave your religion (re-potting the plant). One can get caught up in the aesthetics but the real message is Divine Love that only I can give no matter the mileage and wear and tear on the vessel. The scripture that reads, “seek and you will find,” is so true as I have been contemplating on the very subject, “my purpose”. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for the answer to come I will wait with persistence knowing the answer is on the way and today is my long awaited answer. I wonder is this how Daniel felt when his answer finally came as well as many others. Keep writing others are reading and taking note I am sure. So Ham Asmi

    Sophia Irving
    1. Sophia, I am so grateful that I have been able to inspire you. Thank you for your kind words. As my words have impacted you, so have your word impacted me. You have indeed inspired me. Once more – Thank You!

      Ainsworth Forgenie
  2. I was reading the post Oh my it is so great. I know that I am a child of the universe and I was sent here to give hope and love where I can. We are all the same inside. We are all love some just don’t know how to be love . We must be kind and grateful for what we have. Embrace the love and things can change. JFK and Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King was great . Again thank you.

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