Finding Your Soul Mate – When Good Is Just Not Good Enough

Good Is Not Good Enough

Many people are trapped in a cosmic web. A web spun so deeply that they find it almost impossible to untangle themselves from its stifling grip. Spirit beings, trapped and intertwined in cuffs that tighten their hold the more they try to untangle themselves from it. Frustrated and confused by what once brought them so much pleasure, they find it hard to understand what really happened.

  • How could that which brought so much joy, be the cause of so much pain and inescapable suffering?
  • How could that which appeared to be from heaven, now feel like the very fires of hell?
  • How could that which seemed so good, be so bad. That person we once thought was our soul mate, is now the devil in our bed.
Spirit mate

Accepting The Good Can Impact Us For A Long Time

Soul Mate

The answer is simple. When it comes to relationship decisions, we make those decisions with our heart and our head, not with our spirit. It is my firm belief that we establish our journey before we enter this realm.

As part of that we also choose the soul mate we will spend our life with on this planet. However, there are (I believe), what the Christians refer to as ‘demons’ or negative energies.

The main objective of these beings is to ensure that that which we purposed never sees the light of day. Part of the strategy employed to take us off course is the use of relationships – physical relationships.

From Angels To Monsters

These beautiful, charming, adorable, good beings come into our view appearing to be angels of love. However when the mask eventually wears off, they reveal themselves to be nothing more than monsters lurking in the dark. That which at first appeared to be the answer to our every desire, now is the devil in our bed pushing us with sustained effort off the edge of the cliff.

Now in many instances, it is not even that the individual them self is a bad person. No! They may in fact be a good, even wonderful person. Wonderful for someone else on a different journey, someone else’s soul mate.

However for us they are the knife that stabs us in the back. As the relationship continues and the knife is turned deeper and deeper into us daily, we absorb so much pain that it becomes almost impossible to get back on track. Sometimes it may take us years – many years, before we can truly recover from that one relationship.


Compounding the problem is when we, in our desire to overcome the pain, move from one relationship to another. Hoping that somehow the toxic effects of that relationship can be erased with the toxicity of another.

Not understanding that what we need to do is stand still, be quiet and listen to the voice of the spirit, regardless of how long it takes for it to penetrate the layers of anger; pain; resentment; unforgiveness and disillusionment that has over the years built up inside of us.

I have worked with some persons who have had so many relationships they cannot even count the number. Now I want you to understand that when we become one with all those individuals, we are intertwining our spirit with theirs through sex. Therefore, they are a part of us even as we enter a new relationship, thereby creating an even greater layer of toxicity.

Unless deep spiritual cleansing is done and spiritual ties are cut, we may accomplish many good things but never walk the path we came here to walk. So my admonition is: good is never good enough, listen to your spirit and it will lead you to what’s best for you – your spirit mate.


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