Francois Macandal – Liberator Of Haiti

“My knowledge of the Brotherhood comes from its source. “Laa shay’a waqi’un moutlaq bale kouloun moumkine.” I understand these words in a way you never will. My Creed is pure, undiluted by centuries of weakness and compromise.” François Macandal

Francois Macandal The Liberator

Francois Macandal, also known as the black jacobin because of his ruthless manner, was a 12 year old boy stolen from the Congo. He was captured and brought to Haiti during the early 18th Century. It is believed that he was of royal lineage and a relative of Kimpa Vita. He was well versed in traditional, sacred, occult knowledge. He was also quite versed in the Koran and taught himself to read the Christian bible, which became a valuable tool in rousing the slaves to liberate themselves from the chains of slavery.

francois macandalFrancois Macandal was able to write and speak Arabic fluently. He also secretly taught himself French. So much so, that he became more fluent than even the French themselves. He was so venerated, that it is said the slaves and Maroons approached him on their knees. He was also an excellent orator. Slaves and Maroons by the thousands would gather to hear his defiant, empowering speeches. Macandal was able to convince them that slavery was not their lot, and that they possessed not only the power, but the right to be free men.

His Training Of The Slaves

Carolyn Fick in her book The Making of Haiti, tells the story of Macandal’s love for a beautiful house slave and when their love for each other was discovered, Macandal was sentenced to death. He mystically escaped, despite being heavily guarded, something he was able to do over and over again. Fleeing into the mountains he began to recruit an army of about 20,000 men with the sole purpose of bringing about a complete end to slavery. He also begun his own ‘secret order’. For 12 years he continuously fought and defeated the French. Without him it is almost impossible to conceive of the first black republic.

His Final Escape

The story of his betrayal and final capture is told in a letter dated June, 1758. There it is told that a female slave named Assam who after being tortured and interrogated betrayed him. Eventually he was reportedly tracked down by dogs and captured. Slaves from all over the colony were brought to the town to witness the execution.  Francois Macandal was chained to a stake to be burned alive on January 20, 1758. The fire was lit but somehow he once again broke his bonds.

It is claimed that he flew away as he had promised he would. Other accounts say the French recaptured him and threw him back into the fire, but slaves reported that he fled and was never seen again by anyone who betrayed him. He not only told his followers that he was sent to liberate them, but that he was immortal and would be reincarnated as a deadly mosquito to come back and do more damage than ever before.

NB: One of the major reasons for the defeat of Napoleon’s forces was the yellow fever epidemic which was responsible for the death of over 30,000 British and French troops trying to recapture Haiti from the control of the blacks.

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