God Is Black! From The Inception God Has Been Black Until…

Pope Francis I and Benedict XVI praying to a Black Madonna YouTube play

God Is Black

These three words –‘God Is Black‘ may cause you to spill your morning coffee, or choke on your eggs and toast. It is however, a well hidden truth that is known by but a few. When we look at the images that portray God in almost all religions today, the deity is almost always white or non-black. What many are not aware of is that this same God was originally depicted as black. In this article we will look at three depictions of God: Jesus and Mary; Krishna; and finally The Buddha.

krishna a black god

Krishna The Black God

Krishna the Hindu name of God, comes from the Sanskrit word Krsna. Krsna is an adjective and it means ‘black’ or ‘dark’. It is sometimes also translated as: ‘all attractive’ because black attracts all colors. All of the original depictions of the avatar (one who comes down) is black. He was the dark enemy that the white Aryan conquerors had to defeat.  Krishna is an energetic/spiritual, cloud like form, with a beautiful black complexion.

  • Rama and Vishnu are also black.
  • Kali comes from a Sanskrit word kala which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva.

When the British came to India, they changed the perception of skin color. Black became the color of inferiority, and so the gods could no longer be of an inferior skin color. God is Black became God is White or blue.

Buddha Another Black God

buddha one of the black gods

Buddha is further evidence that God is Black. The word Buddha, like Christ, is not a name, rather it describes a state of consciousness – it means ‘the enlightened one’. The Buddha was always depicted as a black God. He is depicted in many early images with cornrows and other African features, including a broad nose. Buddhism was practiced in Africa about 1,000 years before Christianity and was spread by African missionaries to China; Japan and other countries.

The Original Black Mary & Jesus

the black gods

The final evidence that God is Black is the black Madonna and child, also known as Mary and the child, Jesus, The image of the black mother and child can still be found in the papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo. Pope John Paul II who was originally from Poland, is known to have made several pilgrimages to pray to the Black Madonna in Czestochowa, Poland during his papacy. The image of the Black Madonna and child can still be seen in many churches across Europe. The question to ask is: Why would the popes pay such great importance to the black Madonna and child, yet promote the concept of a white Mary and Jesus to their black followers?

Is it because the image I have of my God determines, to a large extent, how I feel about myself? If my God is white then I unconsciously believe that white truly is the color of superiority, as everything else around me indicates.

How can we blame the white cCatholic nun, who asks her students to volunteer to play the role of an angel. When one of her little black students eagerly stands up, she retorts: ‘Sit down! Have you ever seen a white angel?’ This insulting remark was made in front of an entire class. How can she be blamed when the only depiction of an angel she has ever seen is white? How can we blame the little black girl who grows up thinking that she is inferior because of the color of her skin?

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  1. Great post! Keep -em coming bro! I never realized the ignorance of so many until social media became a thing. It’s literally a window to those that sincerely do not know…nor care to accept anything that isn’t relevant to their own time stream of history. This is amazing.


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