7 Reasons Unconditional Love Is The Greatest Gift

In Search of Unconditional Love

love the greatest gift

Looking for a gift to give?

Ever dreamt of giving a gift which the recipient would gladly receive and eternally appreciate, regardless of their cultural experience, ethnic origin or religious classification?

One that the babe, teen, middle aged and old all eternally desire. A gift you could give whether you are rich or poor, intimately acquainted with, or totally unfamiliar to the one whose heart you seek to bring delight to?

A gift whose waters gush forth as an elixir of joy, peace and perpetual youth. One that costs you nothing yet is the most expensive, rare and precious commodity in all the world.

So much so, that men traverse the five continents of the globe in their quest to find this priceless gem.

Philosophers are at pains to adequately describe it. Babies cannot live without it’s comforting, reassuring touch. Men and women survive longer without food or water than without this vital nutrient. Hardened criminals are transformed into gentle pussy cats by its effective, life changing power. The rich would give all they possess if they can its succulent taste enjoy. And the sick are by its curative powers healed.

The Gift of Unconditional Love

unconditional love the greatest gift

Unconditional Love Is The Greatest Gift We Can Give

This most complete of all gifts is LOVE – Unconditional Love . Unconditional Love is the greatest energy in the universe. The greatest revelation comes when we realize that the Divine energy that men call God is Love‘. Love is not what the Divine essence has or does, it is what it is.

Since the Divine is Love, all Love must come from it. And if it is Love, it must not only represent the Divine, but it must also look like it. When we say to someone, “I Love you.”, we are actually saying to that individual, “Today I will be like the Divine presence towards you, all that it is and expresses I will be, all that it is not, will not be in my thoughts or actions towards you.”

Our Mistaken Concept About Love

Many times when we say we love an individual we do not really mean it, because we do not understand it. For example when a singer stands before her adoring fans and says to them: “I love you, I love you all.”, with tear filled eyes . What she is really saying is, “You give me such a thrill. I am ecstatic about your response to my singing.”

When the young man says to the the girl, “I love you.” he is really saying: “I would like to have sex with you, because I believe you will satisfy my urge and make me the pride of my friends.” His partner, when she says to him, “I Love you.” she really means, “I enjoy how it feels to be seen with you. I admire the clothes you wear, the car you drive and I am excited about the future you can give me.”

Most of the times when we speak about love we are usually speaking about what the person can do for us. It is self centered, it is about receiving or giving to receive.

If after much giving there is no receiving then we stop loving. The Love that the universe has is about one thing and one thing only – giving. It is not giving so that it can receive, or be thought of as kind. When it gives, it is simply doing what Love does. It is only being what it can’t help but be. Love gives for the purpose of benefiting the person, no other reason – it is pure love.

#7 Characteristics Of Love

  1. The only thing that true love wants from you is for you is, for YOU TO BE THE BEST THAT YOU CAN BE. Therefore, it is impossible to ‘fall out of love’, because we cannot ‘fall in love’. The acts of ‘falling in and out of love’ is based on conditionality – certain conditions have to be met before a person can receive ‘love’ and those conditions have to be maintained in order for the person to ‘stay in love’.
  2. Love – true love, since it does not seek anything for itself, is not based on the worthiness of the individual to receive love. And so there is nothing they can do to not merit that love – It is UNCONDITIONAL.
  3. True love is not JUDGMENTAL.
  5. Pure Love HEALS.
  6. Love FORGIVES limitlessly.
  7. Unconditional love TRANSFORMS.

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