Homosexuality – Is It An Abomination?

Homosexuality A Vice?

In a conversation I was having with a lady, a question was asked of me: If someone confided in you that they were involved in homosexuality, how would you respond? Now this is something I have meant to address for some time now, there being so much misunderstanding and anger about this, especially in the black and religious community.

For most people homosexuality is nothing more than a vice. The actions of some misguided persons, falling into a trap and fulfilling the agenda of the ‘illuminati’. To the black community, it is a European vice and the source of much anger and resentment. To the religious community it is simply a snare of the ‘Devil’. The person thus afflicted, being in need of much deliverance from the demonic spirit that has ensnared them.

Nutrition And Homosexuality


Scientific studies reveal that grits cause homosexuality

Now there are instances where it is simply a psychosocial issue. However  in very many instances it is not. Dr. Herbert M. Shelton in his book: Health For The Millions tells us of an experiment that was done with rats. The rats were divided into to three groups. The first group was feed fresh cow’s milk; the second group was feed evaporated milk and the third group was given condensed milk. The first set, who received the fresh milk, their descendants over several generations remained heterosexual during the length of the experiment. The second group who were feed evaporated milk, their descendants after a number of generations became homosexual. The third group, who were given the condensed milk, their descendants became homosexual after even a shorter period. This clearly revealed that nutrition plays a huge role in the determination of the genes that are passed on from one generation to another. The more nutrient deficient foods we eat, the more likely we are to produce descendants who are homosexual.

What Fishes Reveal

There was a pond in which there were fishes.  It was noticed that was a sudden, steep increase in the number of fishes which were homosexual. This puzzled the experts and so they decided to test the water. Homosexuality What they discovered to their astonishment, was that when the women used the toilet their urine was going into the water. It was not however the urine that was the problem. It was the contraceptives that they were taking that was polluting the water and as a result negatively impacting the fishes, causing them to become homosexual.

Sunscreens And Their Role

Dr Elizabeth Plourde, a Hawaiian scientist and sea lover is on a campaign to block the use of sunscreens.  Dr Plourde is a licensed clinical laboratory scientist, also has degrees in Biological Science and Psychology. She has revealed that independent studies have repeatedly confirmed that not only is sunscreen destroying the coral and the marine life, but it is also the cause of skin cancer, not the sun as many mistaken believe. She points out that the studies show that not only is the marine life dying, but what survives is becoming homosexual. The question is: Is the need to cover up from the sun, one of the reasons for our growing homosexual population? 

Redirect The Anger

Homosexuality So while I do understand the anger (anger being usually a cover for our fears). It is misdirected. Instead of directing our hate at the homo and bisexual community, maybe we should be angry at the companies we buy our ‘food’ from; those who sell us products like contraceptives and sunscreen lotions; also those who are responsible for the pesticides in our foods; and the increasing number of GMO foods that we are consuming, irreparably destroying our future generations.

However, this is not to suggest that there are not indeed psycho-social factors which help determine the sexual preference of many individuals. However, to say that all who are of that sexual orientation are ‘perverted’ is indeed misguided.

So the question we should ask is: How could God hate me for something I am not responsible for? It is not like saying to me that God hates me because of the color of my skin, or maybe even the place of my birth?


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  1. This is highly offensive. You should be ashamed.

    • right on Cody… I saw it the same way… the explain away the Gay analogy… and the redirecting of hate rather than the elimination of???

    • This is extremely offensive and just plain nuts. I thought this guy had some interesting articles but this ruins his credibility. I’m gay because, like hundreds of millions of people throughout history, I was born gay. And that is good and natural and right.

  2. Sir, I have followed you for some time now, and have recently purchased your book “The Quest for Love”. I am not offended by your remarks above, but I disagree entirely with your train of thought. You refer to homosexuality as a “Vice”…. {“defect, offense, blemish, imperfection,”} Please Sir, do not think of homosexuality this way. I believe every creature on earth has a measure of attraction to his or her own sex. It’s not as “Cut and Dried” as being Gay, Bi, or Straight. Think of a scale from 1 to 10. With that scale in mind, look at a man and a woman standing side by side. Where do your eyes come to rest? If you look at them equally, you are a “5” on the Sexuality scale. If your eyes want to look at the man, but your conscience tells you not to, you are higher than a “5”, but you will never be truly “complete”. If your eyes gaze at the man, and you have no desire nor need to look away, you’re way up on the scale. And if your eyes voluntarily consume the woman, you are low on the Sexuality Scale. There are no Zero’s nor Tens. Regardless of what they tell you, the priests, the pastors, and the parish practitioners, we all have a measure of attraction to our same sex. It is unfortunate that untold millions of fine, upstanding men and women live a sexually unfulfilled life because society tells them they cannot engage intimately with those to whom they are most attracted. It is unfortunate that countless millions are considered “Lesser” than their friends and neighbours because they are not similar in this way.

    You have referred to racism and bigotry many times, and you have spoken aloud against it. Thank you for that…. But, Mr. Forgenie, Bigot is defined as: “One who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion”. Albeit you did not make a statement indicating your disapproval of homosexuality, you did not indicate approval. The undercurrent of your opinion is not unclear. Yet, respectfully Sir, you seem to practice it yourself when it comes to people who have dissimilar views regarding sexual attraction than yourself.

    Do you believe that homosexual men and women actually have a choice in their sexual attraction? For example, perhaps you are attracted to Tall, Blonde Women. Now tell yourself to stop being attracted to them. It ain’t gonna happen! Whether you act on those attractions is another matter. But you cannot change them, just as you cannot change to color of your eyes.

    • Hi Bill, Thanks for the complementary things you have said, also I am happy that you were able to read my book. Hope you found it helpful. I am responding to you not sure exactly what you had a problem with in regards to my article. No I am not homosexual, but neither do I have a problem with them> I fact I hoped that that would have been made clear in my article. Bill I am quite aware for example that many people have been born in such a way that they have no clearly defined sex and so I is up to the doctor and their parent to determine. That has changed recently since they have now decided to let the children, when they are able to decide for themselves to make that decision. The old way of doing things brought many problem for the person who had their sex chosen for them since they many time felt a mistake has been made. I hope this helps if not please tell me exactly what you would like to have clarified.

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