Mark Of The Beast? The Scary Future Of Bitcoin Secrets Revealed

Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin in particular, is all the craze. The huge bubble that Bitcoin is currently experiencing is certainly a big draw to many investors. Those who have been mining the currency for sometime now have recently experienced explosive gains. Some have been made into virtual millionaires many times over. While others, who gave up on it or never ventured, have been left to regret what seemed like it was going to be a failed attempt.  However in the midst of all the celebration, some are cautioning that this could be the introduction to The ‘Mark of The Beast’.

The World Is Going Cashless

The cashless society is the IRS’ dream; total knowledge and control over the finances of every single American. Ron Paul (Former United States presidential a\candidate and senator)

What many are not aware of is that more and more we are indeed heading towards a cashless society. Presently, over ninety-eight percent of all monetary transactions are cashless that means that only two percent of all transactions are cash. We are being conditioned to use less and less cash. Most transactions are currently being conducted with credit or debit cards. Bankcards and wire transfers have also become popular modes of cash transfer. Even checks are taking a hit, as banks are increasingly refusing to accept checks from other banks.

Sweden which three hundred and fifty years ago became the first European country to introduce paper money, is now also the first to go cashless. In over fifty percent of the banks customers cannot make deposits or withdrawals because all transactions are digital.

The advent of M Pesa,  a mobile phone-based money transfer, financing and micro financing service in 2007 in the African Nation of Kenya, has sparked a mobile banking revolution. According to the World Bank, Kenya is responsible for more that half of all mobile monetary transactions in the world.

This trend is rapidly spreading throughout many underdeveloped and developing nations. In fact, eighty one percent of all underdeveloped countries have access to mobile banking. People who did not have bank accounts, and were therefore out of the reach of the traditional banking system are now able to use their phone to send and receive money.

Is Cryptocurrency A Path To The ‘Mark Of The Beast’?

All of this sounds great, so why the scare? Why would this move of apparent liberation for the masses from the corrupt and parasitic banking system lead to warnings of The Mark of The Beast?

16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 …no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Revelation 13:16-17

The book of Revelation points to a time when all business transactions will be bio metric in nature. It goes even further and indicates that without submission to this bio metric trading no one will be able to trade. Many are not aware that we are rapidly heading in this direction.

World leaders have spoken repeatedly and very openly about their desire to establishment a New World Order. This New World Order involves the establishment of a one world government controlled by the financial elites. Control of the masses can only be accomplished if there is a currency/monetary system that has several characteristics.

What Is required For Global Control Of The Citizens

The currency for global control must be,

  1. Cashless
  2. Global
  3. Traceable
  4. Controllable

Cryptocurrency provides all of the above. It is cashless (digital); secondly it is a global currency;  thirdly it is completely traceable and lastly it is controllable by the oligarchs.  More and more nations are accepting digital currency as part of their monetary system . The U.K,; Germany; Canada; Sweden; and the United States are among the most bitcoin friendly nations in the world, with the U.S. leading the way.

Digital currency is very traceable since it uses blockchain. What blockchain means is that every transaction is stored across a network of computers.  The system uses a mathematical system referred to as cryptography. This ensures that records cannot be counterfeited or changed by anyone.  Once the transaction is verified by the miners of the currency the transaction is completed.

What this means is that, unlike cash, no transaction can be hidden, and the records are stored permanently. This not only makes personal privacy impossible, it also means that you are most vulnerable to being controlled.

bitcoin chain block

Implementation Of  New World Order & ‘The Mark Of The Beast’

The final part of the implementation of The New World Order and The Mark Of The Beast is the micro chip. We are already seeing more are more people, not only having their pets micro chipped but they, themselves are being chipped. What this means is that you will no longer need a wallet. Your phone; medical records; financial and personal identification information; etc. will be on your chip. Travel will become almost impossible without it. And with cash being made obsolete, you will not be able to transact business.

Should you get into trouble with the authorities, your chip can be shut off. Not only will you then have no identity, but you will also not be able to buy anything. Travel will become almost impossible and should you get sick or injured a physician will have no access to your medical records.At this time micro chipping is voluntary, however very soon it will become mandatory and The Mark Of The Beast will be in full effect.

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