Moses One Of The Serpent Priests? – Ancient African Mystery Series

Serpent Priests

“…What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod. …he said, Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from before it…” Exodus 4:6

We have looked at the serpent as the healer and the giver of knowledge. Now we will look at the serpent as the essence of the priesthood. Without evidence of the serpent one would not be deemed qualified to be either a priest or king.

In the story of the burning bush Moses has a life altering, fiery encounter with his God. Here he is commissioned to be Israel’s priest. His mission – to lead the people out of the bondage to their flesh and into the land of their promise. He is to guide them into their place of rest and the exaltation of their spirit. Egypt is symbolic of all that is fleshly and earthly – the physical realm.

However, in-spite of this Divine encounter Moses is not convinced that the Israelites would accept him as their priest.  He needed evidence to prove to them that he was in fact the one called to do this work of deliverance.

So God orders him to take the staff in his hand and throw it to the ground, whereupon it becomes a serpent. The question is: Why would the rod turning into a serpent, be evidence of Moses’ suitability to shepherd his people? His priestly identification, so to speak.

Serpent Rising

In the burning bush experience Moses is called to a place of consecration. He is commanded to take off his shoes. Why? Because he has entered sacred grounds. Like all initiates, he must be led into the Most Holy place, the Holy of Holies. Upon entering through the secret door of the great Spinx, he is led to a place where few will ever enter. There he encounters first hand ‘The Holy One of Israel’ who reveals to him the sacred mysteries.

During this Divine encounter his Pineal Gland is illuminated. Here, the initiate ascends celestial heights. He experiences the awakening of the Third Eye – The Serpent Rising. The rod turning into the serpent is symbolic of this Pineal Gland activation. It is the evidence that Moses is now qualified to be the priest of Israel. The Levite priesthood, of whom Moses was the forerunner, were known as the serpent priests.

The Serpent Staff

In many ancient, and even modern, religious and spiritual practices, a person CANNOT be a priest/shaman without proof of a deep connection to the serpent. It was, and still is, the evidence of one’s calling to serve either as a king/queen or priest.

In ancient times this was so among the Chinese. Also among the Dogon, the Nyoro tribe and the Ancient Egyptians, the serpent was the primary requirement for those aspiring to the office of either king or priest.

It can be seen represented on the serpentine headdress of the Pharaoh. His connection with the serpent giving him the authority and knowledge to lead. The staff of the priests of Egypt was also symbolic of them being imbued with the serpent’s power. It is from this, that the writer of the burning bush narrative would have gotten his example.

The serpent priests are still with us today.  

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  1. Excellent write up. One key concept that keeps coming up in various repackaged philosophies in the Kundalini/Fiery Serpent. The first 3 degrees of Freemasonry symbolize Kundalini. The 7 arts and sciences symbolise the stimulation of the 7 chakras while in the degree of the Master Mason, the Kundalini is raised.

    The Superman superhero is a guy whose Kundalini has been raised hence the serpent on his chest shaped as an “S” which on the surface means superman but on a deeper layer, it represents the curve of the spine. Evidences of the raised Kundalini are his superpowers eg xray vision, ability to fly, intuition, vision from a distance etc

    In psychology, there is a concept where the unconscious becomes conscious, unlocking all deep seated emotions, psychological traumas etc with the patient being unable to cope. I think this is also the Kundalini on a scientific level.

    Man’s true power lies buried deep within what science calls the unconscious mind. However his ills also lie buried there hence the journey to self discovery can be a rocky one.

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