Noni Fruit – One of The World’s Most Powerful Superfoods

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It is with utter astonishment and horror that I watch as daily more and more people cut down or trim their Noni tree till it is almost useless. Or they simply treat the fruit as a nuisance. This while, at the same time, they spend tons purchasing pharmaceuticals. They are totally unaware that Noni could help them solve many of their health issues.

Noni (Morinda citrifolia L.) is also known as great morinda, Indian mulberry, nunaakai, dog dumpling, mengkudu, beach mulberry, cheese fruit, hag apple, hog apple, ice leaf, and pain killer. The plant is native to India, Australia, and Polynesia. It is known as a famine food and has been used for over six (6) thousands of years by traditional healers.


Noni Fruit - One of The World's Most Powerful Superfoods


Noni’s Powerful Healing Effects


The fruit is known as a superfood and with good reason.  Ancient Sanskrit manuscripts record the Noni fruit has, “marvelous healthful properties”. It is referred to as a primary ingredient in natural healing formulations.


Professor R.M. Heinicke of the University of Hawaii conducted research on the Noni fruit. His research led him to the conclusion that it can be used to heal a multitude of illnesses. He writes: Some of the problems which drinking Noni juice might favorably affect are:


  • High blood pressure
  • Menstrual cramps,
  • Arthritis
  • Gastric ulcers
  • Sprains
  • Injuries
  • Mental depression
  • Senility
  • Poor digestion
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Blood vessel problems
  • Addiction
  • Relief for pain and many others.


Although this list looks like a page torn out of a traveling medicine man’s manual, it is probably conservative.

Some Astonishing Noni Findings

Noni Fruit - One of The World's Most Powerful Superfoods

Dr. Solomon, who has been studying Noni for nearly a decade and whose books on noni have sold over a million copies in the US alone, adds to that list cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and strokes. The main contributory factor for all of them is stress.

Noni For Beautiful Skin

The juice acts as a moisturizer when applied to the skin daily. It has the ability to replenish and repair your skin. The juice is packed with vitamin A (what retinol is derived from) and it’s one of the most powerful vitamins out there for near-perfect skin.

Applied topically, noni encourages the cells to renew themselves lightning-fast, helping to limit breakouts, skin blemishes, and fine lines. 

It is also packed with moisture magnets and vitamin E, making it perfect for overcoming dry, flaky skin as well as pollution and other environmental factors.

A Skeptic Becomes A Believer

Dr. Mian-Ying Wang a physician and research associate professor broke her wrist while at a scientific conference in Philadelphia. Friends gave her a bottle of noni juice and told her that it would help with the healing.

“After a week, they called to see if I was drinking it,” she said. “I said, No, I’m never going to touch this noni juice.′ ” However, Wang was eventually convinced into trying the juice, and, a week later, she was able to have the cast on her wrist removed with compliments from her doctor on how quickly she had recovered.

This provided her with the impetus she needed to delve into 10 years of research on the healing properties of Morinda citrifolia. Her research has revealed positive results for patients with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee and on the quality of life and hearing function of postmenopausal women. She has proven that Noni has protective effects against liver damage and damage to the DNA and cholesterol levels of current heavy smokers.

Her studies revealed a 60 to 85 percent reduction in breast cancer formation and protective properties against environmentally caused cancers

Gangrene Reversed

Dr. Lionel Gaskin Mayers tells of his experience with a patient whose foot was about to be amputated because of gangrene. Using the Noni fruit on a continuous, daily basis the patient was able to completely reverse the condition. So much so, that the foot no longer needed to be amputated.


My Personal Experience With Noni


Many years ago when my two children were perhaps about 5 and 2 years old they went to the country for vacation. There they contracted some sort of skin ailment.


It looked like scabies. These scales covered their feet in ever-increasing measure. They scratched and blistered. It was not only painful, but it was also quite unsightly. So much so, that when their mom took them to the clinic they ran them out of it. 


Their mom got worried, as any mom would. It seemed as though there was nothing that could be done.


It was at that time that I got the Tahitian Noni and applied it to the sores. At the same time, giving it to them to drink. In short order, it not only dried up but eventually completely disappeared.


From that moment on I, as well as my family, became totally convinced of the superpowers of the Noni Fruit.

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  1. You made a good point that noni juice could be good for managing pain relief. I’ve been getting really sore training and getting in shape. Maybe I should buy noni juice and see how it works for me.

  2. I fell and bruised my shin so badly from top to bottom on the right leg,it was so painful i could hardly walk; i had read in the book “The Noni Phenomenon”how a doctor used noni on his leg after his pickup fell on his leg so i decided to try it ; i sooked cotton with the noni juice applied it to my leg drank some and stretched out on the couch for the evening…within a few minutes the pain started going away and to this day i have not felt pain on that leg and it heald without forming a scarb.

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