Tapping Into The Divinity Code

The human consciousness has the ability to span many levels of consciousness and is able to gather information from conscious planes not know to exist. In this study we will explore three planes of consciousness from which we have the ability to garner information.

Dream – It is Possible If You Believe

The inner vision is a compelling force that drives us towards our ultimate destiny. Each of us was born with an inner vision; a dream; a knowing of who we are and what we came here to do. Then somewhere along the way we allow life, others and the passage of time to steal that vision till we no longer believe ‘The Dream Is Possible’ and allow ourselves to be forced into a life of misery, despair, mediocrity and regret.

Living In The Cracks – Afraid Of The Mansion

Many people are living beneath the level that they were created to live. Not having the mate of their dreams , not living where they want to, not having the careers they desire, never reaching in every dimension of life that which they are capable of. Why? The answer is simple they don’t expect to. They do not believe that they can or if they somehow do it will only be temporary.