Living In The Cracks – Afraid Of The Mansion

poor self esteemPoor Self Esteem Blocks Our Good

Many people are living beneath the level that they were created to live. Not having the mate of their dreams, not living where they want to, not having the careers they desire, never reaching in every dimension of life that which they are capable of. Why? The answer is simple they don’t expect to. They do not believe that they can. Or they believe that if they somehow are able to, it will only be temporary.

Enjoy The Mansion

These people have a rodent mentality. Instead of enjoying the mansion that is available to them, they spend most of their existence in the cracks of the walls. They believe that somehow they have been called to such a miserable existence. Their poor self esteem never allows them to, for any extended period of time experience the glorious abundant, beautiful, limitless life.

Three (3) Things That Determine Self Esteem:

Parental Relationships

The main contributing factor in determining the sense of self esteem that an individual possesses is their relationship with their parents (especially their father).  and their affirmation of them as -individuals with The Right To Be. It has been shown that individuals who have a good relationship with their parents tend to be more confident. They are also less likely to be promiscuous or addictive. These individuals are more likely to be successful in their chosen path.

Peer Pressure

Another contributing factor in influencing one’s self-esteem, is the opinion of one’s peers whether expressed verbally or nonverbally. Peer pressure is a strong factor in determining people’s behavior (their dress or mode of conduct). It also determines their sense of self. Someone who is continuously ridiculed and rejected by their peers will find it extremely difficult to maintain a proper self-esteem.

The Media

The media is now also a very powerful tool in the transformation of the behavior of civil society. Marketers know that the proper use of the media can transform people’s thought patterns.  The media influences how we see the world, how we use our leisure time and finances. It helps determine the goals and aspirations we set for ourselves; our mode of dress; our religious and political beliefs. But most importantly, it affects how we see ourselves. The models that are used in both the print and electronic media and how we match up to them can influence our belief about whether we are ‘OK’ or not.

The Effects Of Poor Self Esteem

Poor Self Esteem Can Affect Us In Many Ways


Poor Self Esteem Causes Us To Feel Unloved

Firstly: It hinders us from receiving all the wonderful things that are in store for us. Our Belief system determines what we will manifest in our life. In order for us to receive the limitless, abundant riches that the universe has in store for us, we must believe that we can. But more importantly we must believe that it is the will of the universe to give them to us. We must see the universe as a loving; giving; protecting universe; ALWAYS seeking our best interest. If we do not believe that WE ARE LOVED, then we will not truly expect to receive the good the universe has to offer.  As a result, we will not receive them.

Poor self-esteem will make it impossible for us to believe that we will be rewarded. It is therefore, almost impossible to have the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen.” This as a result blocks the BEST from entering into our lives in it’s fullest.

Secondly: When good things come, it is almost impossible to enjoy them. Because we do not believe that we deserve them, our faith in the negative will ultimately bring about the results we truly expect. Faith and fear both work on the same principle – what you truly expect you will have. Therefore if we do not expect the blessings to last, because of some inadequacy or guilt we may have, then it evaporates just as we expect. Ever heard someone say, “I knew it was too good to last, things like that just don’t happen to me for long.” What they don’t understand is that the reason those same things happen for other people and they last, is because those people have a “confident assurance” that IT WILL.

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