Abuse And Its’ Psychological Effects

psychological abuse
Abuse is the psychological, physical, sexual and spiritual violation of a spiritual being.

Abuse takes place when broken individuals, who have lost a sense of who they are, try to release their pain by inflicting it upon others. Though the abuse may manifest itself in various forms. It is the result of a hurting soul. A pained being lashing out in anger, at that which it sees as an easy outlet for the releasing of the pain that is bottled up within. A pain so deep, that it is like a volcano waiting to explode. It is very much like a hurting animal attacking anything that comes within its range. Even those trying to help it. As the saying goes; ‘Hurting people hurt others’.

Psychological Abuse

Psychological Abuse is angry-man
one of the primary forms of abuse. It can be defined as the degradation of another through the use of two primary weapons – words and actions. Though there is no physical act of violence involved, it is perhaps the most destructive of all types of abuse. This is primarily because it speaks to the psyche of the individual. The psyche is the spirit or soul of an individual. It is the lens through which the person perceives himself and his world.

Abuse Affects Your Body

The spirit or soul of an individual is that which controls everything that takes place in his or her world. It determines their physical health and well-being. It also strongly influences the character of their spiritual and physical relationships.

The health of the spirit/soul/psyche, determines the health of the human body. The Spirit controls the body. If the spirit/psyche is whole and connected, then the body experiences radiant health. When it is fractured and disconnected, then the individual is deflated and their health deteriorates. It is like a balloon, which when filled with helium rises continuously. When however it is punctured the helium escapes, the balloon deflates and falls to the earth.

The Spirit is like a balloon. When it is filled with positive, affirmative, healing thoughts and words it keeps the body healthy. When it is deflated through negative words and actions – which are absorbed by and stored in the sub-conscious – it becomes punctured, weakened and eventually dies.

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Abuse Affects Your Relationships

The psyche is filled with all the thoughts, ideas and acts that have been used to inform us of our worth. Therefore it by extension also instructs us of our place in the world. Those thoughts remain with us forever. They are the reference that the subconscious uses, to determine what type of relationships we will attract into our lives. Not only does it determine what persons we attract. It also determines what we will be willing to accept in any relationship, or life in general.

It will affect what material possessions we believe we are worthy enough to possess. More importantly however, it impacts our self belief, thereby determining the place that we believe we are worthy to occupy in this world. It affects us on every level, and is the most important factor in determining our future and the quality of life we will eventually possess.

These negative thoughts are absorbed even before birth. They are not just limited to what takes place when we reach the age of awareness. Science has long ago proven that we can not only affect a child in the womb. It has gone on to reveal that we can also teach the unborn child as well. So what my parents say about me even while I am in the womb, can determine whether I feel loved, accepted and wanted or rejected and unloved.

Their beliefs about whether I am a special gift or an unwanted intervention in their lives, can not only have a profound affect on my ability to feel loved and appreciated in this world. It will also determine whether I encounter wholesome, healing, relationships or toxic, addictive, destructive relationships later on in life.

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