Amen – Rediscovering The Magical Power of The Commonly Used Word


Amen Ra the Egyptian DeityRediscovering Amen

Amen is used by Christians; Jews and Muslims. It originated from ancient Egypt. The Egyptian deity, who was the primary deity, was known as Amen-Ra. ‘Amen’ means hidden or concealed – that which is invisible. The word ‘Ra’ means light or fire. Amen-Ra therefore, is the ‘hidden one’ revealed by the light or fire. It can also be pronounced Amon, Am·mon and Amun, since the vowel is interchangeable.

The sun which we are able to see, represents the unseen and ‘unrecognizable God’; The Invisible Force; The Field.  It is that which is not only said to be “hidden,” but whose name also is “hidden,” and whose form, or similitude, is said to be “unknown”. So Amen is not the sun. It is The Invisible, Life Giving Field which is represented by the sun in this sphere. The sun is the giver and sustainer of all life on the planet.

This word Amen when pronounced correctly, is the same as the Sanskrit word Aum and so would be pronounced “AMMM”. The Sanskrit word Aum, also refers to the Sun. It  is actually the sound that the sun produces, as recent NASA recordings have revealed. The question which one can quite easily ask is: How did the ancient Egyptians know that the sun produced that sound?

It’s Magical Power

Now the word Amen means a lot more than ‘so be it’ or ‘I agree’ as we are made to believe by some. The Catholic Encyclopedia has this to say:

Finally, we may note that the word Amen occurs not infrequently in early Christian inscriptions , and that it was often introduced into anathemas and gnostic spells. Moreover, as the Greek letters which form Amen according to their numerical values total 99 ( alpha =1, mu =40, epsilon =8, nu =50), this number often appears in inscriptions, especially of Egyptian origin, and a sort of magical efficacy seems to have been attributed to its symbol. It should also be mentioned that the word Amen is still employed in the rituals both of Jews and Mohammedans.”

Here we have the Catholic Encyclopedia informing us of several things:

  1. The Word Amen originated with the Egyptians.
  2. It was used by the Gnostics (the original christians) in their curses, offerings and spells.
  3. That the word is believed to have magical powers and by using the word one can produce magical effects.

So the word ‘Amen’,  is one of much power and efficacy and did not originate with the Jews. It was instead, copied from the Egyptians because of the power it is believed to contain. The word is not simply to the used at the end of a sentence or prayer to acknowledge agreement. We use it as a means of raising our vibrational frequency. By repeating the word Amen/Aum in our meditation we are actually raising our vibrational field.  What we are doing in meditation is aligning with and drawing from the energy of the sun, which in turn draws its energy from The Invisible.

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  1. All I want is to be able to help our people to know and understand who we are according to OUR History since the beginning. My question is HOW do I begin and where will I be most useful.

    • Hi Nicole, sorry for taking this long to respond. I hope you can forgive me. I am not sure of exactly what you mean by where will I be most useful, please clarify if you care. However you can begin by doing your own research and passing that information on in whatever format you have available to you. Remember it does not have to a large space, it can be as small as your family, friends, co workers, social network etc. use whatever avenue is available to you.

      It is very important that people, African people in particular, remove the mental shackles that have chained our minds for the past several hundred years. You can be a very important part of that movement.

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