#3 Best Ways You Can Honor The Victims Of The African Holocaust

Commemorating The African Holocaust

In 1985 the government of the republic of Trinidad and Tobago declared August 31st, ‘Emancipation Day’ in celebration of the end of the African Holocaust. Every year since, peoples of African descent celebrate this day.

Redefining The African Holocaust

My question to you is: Why would we ‘celebrate‘ the end of slavery? Is Emancipation a favor granted to us? Shouldn’t we instead pay homage to the one hundred and fifty (150,000,000) millions Africans who lost their lives in the brutal, sadistic, African Holocaust also called the Transatlantic Slave trade? There are three steps we can take to pay homage to the ancestors:

  1. Instead of dancing through the streets in celebration, we could instead spend four (4) minutes in silent contemplation. Each minute representative of 100 years of slavery. During these moments of refection every man, woman, boy or girl of African descent – stands still. Reflecting on the lives of our ancestors dehumanized in, what is without doubt, the greatest human catastrophe in recorded history.  At the same time, we remember the courage of those who paid (many willingly) the ultimate price?
  2. At exactly one (1) minute past noon, on a 24th September, the world stands still.  African descendants, wherever they are on the planet, stop whatever they are doing. During this time of contemplation we pay homage to our great, strong and courageous ancestors? 
  3. After the four (4) minutes of reflection are over we, instead of beating our drums in joyous celebration, play a dirge. Our mourning reverberating throughout the spaces, taking the tear filled, blood soaked, agonizing screams of our ancestors across the many waters? Ensuring that their pain is NEVER to be forgotten.

Let’s Write Our Own Narrative

The time has come for us to re-write the narrative and not allow our oppressors to do so. They call it emancipation and we accept it as such. Not only do we accept it, we celebrate it. No! Is it not time that we determine how we look at the events that unfolded? Let us instead commemorate the African Holocaust. The African Holocaust or its subsequent ’emancipation’ is not a favor granted to us by some benevolent master. No! We, above all others, have a right to be free. For the greatest knowledge and human advancements are easily attributed to us.

Is it not time that we embrace our reality that the African Holocaust is not the opening paragraph in a short, uneventful story? Rather, it is nothing more than a bracketed word in a rather long, dynamic and globally impacting history. The history of an extremely proud, rich and resilient people.

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  1. Those that are responsible should be held accountable and have to atone for their behaviour. Britian has vaults full of blood diamonds from africa those should be handed over to the people that have suffered losses.

    helen grinder

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