Serpents Around God’s Throne? – Ancient African Mystery Series

Previously, we looked at the allegory told in the book of Numbers. In that narrative, God instructed Moses to put a serpent on a pole and have the children of Israel meditate on it so that they might be healed. The word used in Numbers 21 for the serpent is saraph or Seraphim.  Saraph as we discussed before means fiery serpent. Now in the scriptures, serpents represent fire and fire is associated with revelation and light.

When we activate the Pineal Gland, we are connecting with our divinity. We are opening ourselves up to the divine mind asleep within. Knowledge, otherwise concealed, becomes available to us. That which is invisible to the physical eye, or that which cannot be experienced through any of our five physical senses becomes accessible to us. We are illuminated. 

Fiery serpents therefore represents higher consciousness. It is the activated Pineal Gland or Third Eye, It equates to the resurrection of the Egyptian Kristos which became the Greek’s Christos – Christ consciousness.

Serpents/Seraphim Above The Throne

‘Above him (yehôvâh) were seraphim, each with six wings: With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they were flying.’ Isaiah 6:2

Saraph is the word which God uses when he instructs Moses to put the serpent on the pole. Where do we find these Seraphim – fiery serpents? We discover them above the throne of God. Above him (yehôvâh) were seraphim…” Now can you explain to me what God would be doing with serpents above his throne?

The very being, which is associated with nothing less than the devil itself, is covering the Holy One of Israel? Surely something’s not right there, you would think. Of course it is not, if you refuse to look at it as it truly is – an allegory.

Your Kundallini’s Experience

Now remember that the throne of God (the king) can only reside in His kingdom. Where is God’s kingdom? It is inside of you. According to the bible you are the kingdom. So where is the throne that Isaiah stands before? It is within – not without. Isaiah in this story represents you. You are, through meditation, transported to a sacred space where your mind is illuminated. The Seraphim represents your awakening experience. But is there another means through which we can find out that the Seraphim represents you, and not a physical serpent? Yes, we know they are representative of you because it is described as having six (6) wings.

Numerology plays a key role in sacred literature, it is one of the mediums through which knowledge is concealed. Six is the number of man, it represents man. So the six (6) wings, two (2) wings are used for flying, are describing your ascension. With your physical eyes covered and your feet at rest, you can now focus on seeing with your inner eye – your third eye. So it speaks not about an external event, but rather your own divine experience. Or as the easterners would describe it – your Kundallini moment. 

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  2. I read your piece with interest and though confined to biblical examples it nevertheless utilized Kmtan serpent iconography to illustrate a Jewish story. There are serpent with wings in Kmtan temples and scrolls. These predate the bible by 3000 years. The per-aa (pharaoh) has a raised serpent at the centre of his forehead emblazoned on his crown. How does the serpent represent wisdom? What are the zoological characteristics of the serpent? Many traditional African societies used and continue to use serpent symbolism. If you can explain these apparent rational unexplainables, then I would be prepared to engage this discourse further.

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