Tapping Into The Divinity Code

The human consciousness has the ability to span many levels and is able to gather information from conscious planes not know to exist. In this study we will explore three planes of consciousness from which we have the ability to garner information. We shall explore the Terrestrial Plane; the Astral Plane and finally the Divinity Plane. It is at that plane that we are able to crack the Divinity Code.

The Terrestrial Plane

The first level of attaining information is from what can be referred to as the Terrestrial Plane. This is where almost all of us naturally go, whenever we seek to gather knowledge of any kind. The information gathered cognitively is for the most part (especially in the West), the only way to attain knowledge of any kind. Almost from birth we have been conditioned to believe that in order to learn something, anything, we must have an instructor. Someone with superior knowledge of the subject that we are seeking to learn. So we pursue and gleam from them their knowledge, gathered through many years of diligent assimilation and careful analysis of facts and figures. That info, itself presented to them by someone else who, most likely, also gained their knowledge in the very same manner. So the cycle continues ad infinitum. One generation passing on information to another with very little adjustments being made. Adjustments taking place only as a result of careful contemplation and reflection by those who are deemed to have a superior mind.

Cognitive Learning Has It’s Place

The student seeking knowledge on any subject be it: physics; maths; computers; etc., seeks out a teacher either through a book; a movie; a school; an instructor or a mentor. They expect by that method to gather sufficient information and thereby become proficient in the desired subject area. Even those seeking spiritual knowledge usually seek to gain that knowledge through the cognitive method, as one spiritual book exhorts: “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman not needing to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” So instead of being guided to spiritual advancement through spiritual practices, the readers are instead instructed to ‘Study’ (cognitive learning) as the means to developing spiritual knowledge.

Now this type of learning has its place. We have all learnt and continue to learn, through this method and it is therefore not to be despised. Cognitive learning however is the lowest form of learning, and is the precursor to pride. It is all based on the physical, and those who are in possession of the sharpest minds will always advance further in that realm. That which is gained through the physical, thinking mind is usually the parent of an exulted spirit.  It is also true that those who are highly developed in this realm will have great difficulty acknowledging the possibility of acquiring knowledge by any other means.  click on the link below to continue...

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