Egyptian Obelisks Hidden In Modern Day Religions

Egyptian Obelisk

Ancient Egypt has played and continues to play a significant role inEgyptian obelisk used in modern day religion modern religions. Many of the practices and beliefs of devotees of Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Islāmic faiths had their genesis in Ancient Egypt/Kemit. In two of my previous articles (Rediscovering Amen & The Amen – The Creative Force) I dealt with the word Amen – its Egyptian origin and use today. Today I would  like to have a look at the Egyptian Obelisk or phallus symbol that many consider to be demonic. The mere sight of which, causes many to run and cower in fear. Yet that same symbol is all around them, even in their places of worship and they are totally oblivious to that fact.

The word Obelisk is of Greek origin. The original Kemetic (Egypt was originally referred to as Kemet. Kemet means ‘the black land’) word for it being benben or tekhennu. They came in pairs and were placed at the entrance of the temple.  The tops of the Obelisks were covered with gold, so that they glittered in the sun. It was also used to honor the Egyptian Pharaoh. They are also believed to bring protection and represents resurrection.

Egyptian Obelisks In Churches & Religious Institutions

In our world today, it is not uncommon to find Obelisks everywhere. Most of us never recognize them for what they really are, for they have been ‘hidden in plain sight’. When we see them, we believe them to be just a matter of architecture and nothing more. They are on our libraries; government offices; banks; commercial businesses; homes and places of worship. Yes, you read right. On our places of worship. This is not limited to just one or even a few denominations, but all almost without exception.

In the preceding collage of pictures we shall see a variety of Egyptian Obelisks on worship structures. Places we never would expect to see them.

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churches with egyptian obelisk on them
A Range of Churches With Obelisk on Them

The Question Is WHY?

What we must ask ourselves is: Why is it that these organizations, that tell us we must not worship idols, have all over their edifices monuments, to what is considered, a pagan deity? Is there something that they know that they just are not telling? What is being kept in the dark from us? Could it be possible that we might be worshiping this pagan deity without being aware of it? Is it possible?

We shall continue this series exploring this topic in greater depth. I have purposefully made it short so that you will better be able to assimilate what to some will be new info.

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