Third Eye Activation In Eden – Ancient African Mystery Series

Eden Is Not A Physical Place

The serpent in the bible, as in all other ancient teachings, is symbolic. Just as there is no physical garden of Eden, so to there is no physical snake. It is really all about consciousness – your consciousness. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything outside of yourself.

The garden represents your place of comfort, your safety zone, your familiar space. Eden is the space where you are at rest, but it is also the place of no growth. You may get fat in Eden, but you will not grow. In the garden everything is familiar: friends; family; beliefs. There is no risk of rejection – you are safe. Naked but safe.

God Inside Of You

“Do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?”

As you are aware, there is a constant battle going on inside of us. We will all admit that there is this voice inside that speaks to us. It matters not if you are a theist; an agnostic; or an atheist, the voice never stops speaking. Some would suggest that there are two voices. One voice leading you to a higher plane, the other to a lower dimension.

First of all, it is important to remember that God resides inside, not outside of you. There are so many scriptures which points this out. Christ reminds us that the kingdom of God is within us, not outside. A kingdom is where the king (God) has dominion. His rule is generally limited to the dimensions of his kingdom. Outside of his/ kingdom he has no power. So God’s rule is limited to us. We are the kingdom, the place where the Divine resides. There is no God outside of ourselves.

In this allegory ‘God’ represents the voice that wants you to be ‘safe’. That voice which tells you to stay within ‘your boundaries’, your limitations. It reminds you of the ever-present dangers which lurk in the dark should you seek to explore all that you are. Fear is the greatest hindrance to our self advancement: fear of the unknown; fear of what others would say; fear of failure. 

Activating The Third Eye

third eye -pineal gland activation

The tree and its fruit in the center of the garden represents your Pineal Gland, also called your Third Eye. It is that which the masses are convinced is the epitome of all evil. The Pineal Gland enables us to know (Gnosis) and see things outside of the realm of our physical senses. It is that which enables us to cpmmect with and activate our Divine self – The God Within.

22 And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil…”

The serpent brings to their awareness the Divinity concealed within them. Revealing that and it is only through the medium of the ‘Third Eye’ that they can get in touch with the God within. It was only when they activated their Pineal Gland/Third eye that they are able to see what was obvious to others – Their Nakedness.

“…Who told thee that thou wast naked?…”

‘Good and Evil’ is simply a figure of speech called a merism. A merism is the use of two contrasting words to show completeness. For example: ‘he moved heaven and earth’ or ‘that is the long and short of the matter’. What it does indicate therefore, is that they had activated the God kind of knowledge.

The Serpent

The serpent in this allegory refers to that inner voice which implores you to activate your third eye, your higher consciousness. It is the voice that challenges you to move out of your comfort zone, your Eden, realize your nakedness and clothe yourself in the Divinity that you are. Of course you will face challenges, there will be pain, and possibly rejection. However, in the end you would experience what it is to live as the Divine being you are created to be.

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