Millions Pray To The Apostle Peter In The Vatican. But Is It Really Peter?

For many hundreds of years, worshippers from around the world have paid homage to this statute. Doing so, in the belief that the image is that of the apostle Peter. The statute has been touched and kissed so many times, that the markings that distinguish the toes have disappeared.

But is it really the image of the Apostle Peter that they have been bowing before? Is it really Peter to whom the pilgrims have been earnestly praying?

What The Church Says About The Image of The Apostle Peter

Though some have expressed the view that it is not, I believe it is always best to go to the source to find out. In the Catholic Encyclopedia we find this included in an article about the Apostle Peter: “The marble statue of St. Peter taken from the old basilica, now in the crypt of the Vatican, was originally, in all probability, an ancient consular statue which was transformed into a representation of the Prince of Apostles.”

zeus - apostle peter

So here the church is telling us emphatically, that the image was not originally that of Peter. That’s interesting! Would you, in an attempt to honor some great one, take the image of another and use it to represent them? I would think not. This is particularly strange, especially since Peter was not a nominal apostle. In fact, he is considered the ‘head of the church’ – the one who represents God on earth. It is therefore important that we find out, who exactly the image represents.

A Jesuit Speaks About The Apostle Peter’s Image

Father Alberto Rivera, was a Jesuit priest. Upon leaving the Catholic church he wrote a book entitled: The Prophet. In that publication the former priest, who eventually died of poisoning after escaping several attempts on his life, makes some rather startling revelations. One of which is that the image of the Apostle Peter is really that of Zeus (called Jupiter by the Romans) while the statue of Mary was actually Venus.

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God is Zeus

The Church’s Final Take

But does the church provide us with any further information? Here is what it goes on to say in the article quoted above: “…In all representations also they occupy the place of honour, to the right and left of Christ. Curiously enough, St. Paul is generally, though not invariably, on the right and St. Peter on the left. De Rossi…points out that in some classic representations Juno, the wife of Jupiter and queen of the gods, appears on the left of her spouse, while Minerva occupies the right.”

Now, is that not rather curious? Is the church telling us that Christ is actually Zeus? Are they indicating to us that the apostle Peter, who is always on his left, the male representation of Juno while Paul represents Minerva?

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