Visions I have had of Trinidad and Tobago

The Initial Vision of Trinidad and Tobago:

Many years ago I had a vision, in it I saw a woman coming in a cloud from the East, across the center of the island. I rebuked the cloud and it went back. This happened on two occasions. On the third occasion it refused to go. I then inquired as to why is was not going back and was told, “Because there is going to come a time when prayer will not be able to hold my hand.” In that same vision I also saw an umbrella and was told: “However, I will protect my people.”

Further Visions & Dreams

After that initial vision I proceeded to receive numerous visions and dreams about events that are to take place in this country. Some were indeed quite frightening. I saw families from ‘upper class areas’ being abducted. I saw members of the security forces fighting against each other. Massive amount of human casualties and destruction of properties. Eventually there was the intervention of foreign forces. hqdefault These and others like them I have had over an extended period of time, with the energy levels at various times fluctuating. however never have I experienced what I am now experiencing. I am constantly being bombarded with information on a scale I have not before known.

Strange Things About To Happen

Last Saturday as I was heading home, I heard an inner voice say to me, “You will begin to see strange things happening, when you see them know that this is the beginning of the end.” I went to bed that night pondering on those things. In the morning I awoke and logged on to Facebook only to be confronted with the first post in my feed (that of my cousin’s) about the assassination of Dana Seetahal. Honestly I was not expecting it so quickly, I was shocked like most of T&T, but more so I was reminded instantly of what I was told just a few hours before.

What I Feel Now

The energy level in this country in very low, the lowest I have ever experienced in my life anywhere. Not only is it very low but also extremely contaminated, indeed it is very toxic. Over the land hangs a thick, dark cloud. The time is upon us, the end is near, this is indeed the fullness of time. I see people screaming, running with nowhere to go. Balls of fire everywhere. For this land must experience destruction, first by fire and then by water – it is a cleansing as a cleansing always goes before a renewal.

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