Wonder of The World/Leaf of Life Plant – The Wonder Healer

Wonder of The World the healing plant
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56 thoughts on “Wonder of The World/Leaf of Life Plant – The Wonder Healer

  1. Morning
    I want to know how to order anything in your site?
    Please feel free to contact me back about the order concerned

  2. OMG, I started drinking the tea from the Wonder of the World plant because I suffer with severe pain from arthritis and I will tell you no lie it works. I drink the tea at night because it also keeps me awake because I work the overnights and I am able to get through an entire shift without feeling to tired. I am so grateful that I live in an apartment and my landlord is a botanist and grows these plants to sell. I love Louie, he is a genius to grow and sell this plant. Again the pain is almost gone, I am able to work almost pain-free and I feel amazing.

  3. How about using the leaves raw, straight from the plant in smoothies?

    That’s what I do. No noticeable side effects whatsoever so far.
    Nice article.

  4. It is also good for ear-ache and swollen gum, gum infection and aids in pain when the wisdom tooth is about to break through the tissue of the gums.

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